by Wendy Duer on August 01, 2014

When opportunity knocks, your business doesn't wait to answer. These moments are fleeting, and you need to act fast. If your business bank feels more like a bottleneck than a facilitator, consider River City Bank. We built our reputation by meeting-a... read more

by Steve Fleming on July 28, 2014

Everywhere we turn these days it seems as though another IT Security breach is making headline news. Cyber-attacks are continuously becoming more sophisticated and harder to guard against. Now, more than ever before, businesses and consumers alike mu... read more

by Wendy Duer on July 25, 2014

If they’re out of town, they’re out of touch. Your business operates here in Sacramento, and that’s where your bank should be based, too.  River City Bank stays well-informed about our local economy because, like you, we’... read more

by Wendy Duer on July 18, 2014

Many business banks have earned a reputation for being unresponsive and leaving businesses in a state of limbo when it comes to making commercial loan decisions. At River City Bank, we know your business doesn’t have time to waste. That’s... read more

by Wendy Duer on July 11, 2014

Does your current business bank claim they offer a human touch, but speaking with an actual human seems virtually impossible? Call our CEO, he’ll answer. At River City Bank, we pride ourselves on being extremely accessible to our clients. From ... read more

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