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PROTECT YOURSELF: Don't be a victim of Cyber Fraud

The cyber thieves have struck close to home and their latest score is $900,000 from a local business just like yours.  Don’t learn these lessons the hard way but instead make a proactive decision to beat the thieves before they strike.  Here are some tips you should seriously consider:

1. Use a locked down, dedicated system to login to online banking.  Restrict ALL internet sites except those needed to interact with the bank.  Do NOT allow emails on the dedicated system as these are a common carrier of viruses.

2. If you are unable to login to your account or you see an error page, call 916.567.2600 to learn more.  Do NOT contact the phone number on the error page if it isn’t 916.567.2600.  The cyber thieves take this as an opportunity to get you to call their own phone representatives, which will only make the situation worse.

3. While on the phone with a River City Bank representative, ask questions about your account and recent transactions to ensure you have not been a victim.

4. Educate yourself and your team about the risks of online banking and take steps IMMEDIATELY to mitigate potential risks.  KrebsonSecurity is an excellent resource and has a list of online banking best practices for businesses:   http://krebsonsecurity.com/online-banking-best-practices-for-businesses/

5. To schedule a personal training session regarding cyber security and how you can protect yourself, please contact a member of our Cash Management team at 916.567.2600.

River City Bank takes pride in our systems and the security we provide to our customers. However, we can’t win the war alone. YOU are a vital piece of the puzzle and the security layers implemented on your side are an integral part of beating the cyber thieves before they can strike.

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