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ATTN:  Security Update for the Remote Deposit Capture System

River City Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture product uses multiple layers of authentication to strengthen the security. Traditional username and password authentication provide the foundation, but they are enhanced by tracking the history of the user’s online access and attributes to determine when it is appropriate to require additional authentication. This approach is largely transparent to the application user while still ensuring the user is legitimate for the application.

This additional layer of authentication is possible by collecting and validating information about each authorized user’s workstation and application access method. This does not require any action from the user, so it does not impact the user experience. Key information such as Internet Service Provider (ISP), browser settings, and geographic location enable unexpected access attempts to be identified and challenged. This does not require a special marker or cookie on the user’s computer or downloading of any software component.

When enrolling, users are required to provide answers to five questions. If a change in the user’s computer or application access method is detected, the user is required to successfully answer one of these security questions.

For a listing of Available Security Questions, please click here.

As an additional safeguard one of the security questions is also presented after 20 unchallenged logins or 45 days as a routine technique to assure the user’s workstation has not been compromised.

To learn more about this system upgrade, a listing of Frequently Asked Questions is found by clicking here.

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