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Twenty-four-hour automated QuickAccess to account information.

Person-to-person customer service available during regular business hours:

    • In Sacramento: (916) 567-2899
    • Elsewhere in California: (800) 564-7144

If you are inquiring about tax refunds through Liberty Tax Services, you have reached the wrong River City Bank. You are looking for the River City Bank based in Louisville, KY. They can be reached at 888.820.7848 or

Lost or Stolen ATM/VISA Check Cards

To report your River City Bank ATM/VISA Check Card lost or stolen, please call (800) 554-8969.  This service is available 24/7.

Online Services

If you have a question about your online account or have forgotten your password, please contact us during normal business hours, M-F from 8-6, at (916) 567-7200.


River City Bank
PO Box 15247
Sacramento, CA 95851

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