Remote Deposit Capture

Imagine making deposits directly from your office without a trip to the bank. River City Bank has harnessed rapidly evolving technology and changing regulations in order to make it possible. You simply scan checks to be deposited using a check scanner and transmit the created images to the bank through the Internet. Remote deposit capture services, allow you to:

  • End the daily deposit crunch because you don't have to rush to bundle deposits and take them to the bank. Simply transmit your deposit when it is ready.
  • Extend deposit deadlines because you gain time each day in which to make deposits, potentially accelerating the availability of funds.
  • Automate deposit balancing with scanning software that reads the amount of each check and reconciles your deposit amount before transmission, thus helping to ensure accuracy.    
  • Increase productivity because preparing and transmitting a deposit is fast and easy, thus freeing your staff to focus on more important tasks.   
  • View copies of your deposited checks and corresponding documentation via the Internet.

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