Cash Management

Imagine a world in which your cash management issues are all resolved, seamlessly, proactively, and personally, by a partner you trust. That scenario is reality at River City Bank. We offer a comprehensive suite of cash management tools that are delivered to you in a way that is customized to your business. You’ll have everything you need to maintain smooth and secure cashflow throughout all operations and functions, combined with the peace of mind that comes from working with a bank that stands poised to deliver and is focused on accelerating your business success at every opportunity.

Cash management tools include:

    • Remote deposit. You can electronically scan paper checks from your office, and securely transmit deposit data for same-day posting to your account.
    • Positive pay. This intuitive software system allows you to upload checks that have been cut, and cross-check them against those that have been cashed. Any cashed checks that don’t reconcile are automatically flagged for fraud control.